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*** http://marketsfast.org/PhoneMoney *** Lead Tracker Jack Bonus Review and BEST BONUS.

Want to Make Money every time the Phone Rings?

Endless Leads for Business Owners.This is your ULTIMATE lead generation system and call tracking software.

From Mark Helton and partner Jack Hopman with additional training by Stephanie Henry.
Perfect for Offline Marketers who want an easy way to sell services to their clients.

What do businesses crave for? Fresh Leads.
They buy Websites, SEO, Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords PPc and other services to 1. promote their Brand and in tern to generate leads.
Why not just make it simple for them – Find leads for them. This product allows you to track and charge for phone calls you generate online for your clients.

Prepare to have your eyes opened to a whole new world when it comes to getting paid PER CALL!
Inside this training you are going to learn 3 easy ways to generate the calls as well as a fool proof way to find customers for those calls.
Equally you can use this system for your own business.

System comprises highly effective Call tracking system where you can allocate numbers to your clients and drive traffic to those numbers from organic, SEO, Facebook, Web2 or other properties and rather than just charging for building sites or getting opt-ins you use this product to track and charge for calls to your client.

You can track, tag, manage campaigns, monitor calls then invoice and collect payment all from within one interface.

Get it today at http://marketsfast.org/PhoneMoney

Price is rising every few sales.

What is in Lead Tracker Jack?

Training comprises:
How to set up and configure system in base product
plus in the OTO

“Mobile Friends with Benefits”
from Ex-Google Employee Stephanie Henry

Mark Helton’s “Craigslist Lead Jack”

Ad Words Tips, Tricks and Secrets from the “Adwords
Guru” Jack Hopman who manages over $1m in Google Adwords spend for his clients.

Mark Helton’s Classified Ad Ninja Tricks

Lead Tracker Jack $49 – $68 one off cost.
Note: It’s on Dimesale = Price is rising every few sales.)

OTO $27 x 3 months = $81 total

Product Includes Training PDF’s and Videos
1. How to Configure & use of Lead Tracker Jack by Jack Hopman
2. Adwords Jack = Adwords Made Easy By Jack Hopman (OTO)
3. Mobile Adwords Lead Jack by Stephanie Henry (OTO)
4. Craigslist Lead Jack Introduction by Mark Helton (OTO)
5. Classified Ad Ninja Tricks by Mark Helton (OTO)

My Bonuses: see also http://marketsfast.org/lead-tracker-jack-bonus-and-review.html

Bonus 1: Web Photo Cash Saver:  Worth $97
Description: Web Photo Cash Saver -Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Save Time And Money When Buying Photos For Your Websites………………..

Bonus 2: Offline Assassin. Value over $97
Description: 24 year old entrepreneur makes $38,000 in 10 months starting with only a computer and passion for helping businesses make more cash.

To receive these Great bonuses purchase at http://www.marketsfast.org/PhoneMoney – After purchase the bonus download link will display on your JVZOO delivery page.

So do you Want to Make Money every time the Phone Rings?
How would you like to pull in $50 every time your dentist’s phone rings? Better yet, how would you like to earn that for 10, 20 or 30 more dentists plus mix in some towing companies, auto repair shops, locksmiths, roofers, plumbers and real estate agents?
Who wouldn’t? Most offline marketers are focused on getting a set monthly amount from a business owner and are skipping right over a virtual gold mine.

What do Businesses want most ?
They buy websites, SEO, PPC, and all the other Marketing services in order to get leads .
Why not make it simple – you generate the leads. They pay. Both for OPt-ins and now for Phone calls.
You don’t need to know how to do any SEO. With Google out of the equation you are guaranteed to keep your ads right where you want them, generating your customer’s phone calls and you dollars.
I’ve got the whole kit and caboodle for you today, the training and the software to make it all easy as pie.

Get it now at http://www.marketsfast.org/PhoneMoney
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