Social Media Lead Generation: A New B2B Case Study

Discover how LogMyCalls tackles social media lead generation using a blog to generate an 800% increase in leads for Q1 2013 — signing more new customers than in any other 3 month period in company history. Or get coached on doing it in your business right here

It sounds like a fairy tail but it’s true. Inbound marketing manager, McKay Allan created a social media lead generation system that create more new customers in 90 days than any prior campaign. Discover how this growing business tackles blog-focused social media lead generation and apply it in your setting.

McKay Allen’s now famous, “150 Blog Posts in 50 Days” effort spurred the company to stop many of this B2B marketer’s paid marketing tactics. That’s how good at social media lead generation (or “inbound marketing”) has become for LogMyCalls.

Here’s what lead blogger, McKay Allen, says about his approach to social media lead generation:

“With a company our size, the commitment has to be significant in order to produce 3 unique and useful blog posts a day. After all, we also produce 2 original marketing webinars each week, monthly case studies, a variety of marketing White Papers, and some humorous and awesome marketing call tracking videos.”

As you can see, content marketing is a key component to McKay’s social media lead generation effort and, in fact, LogMyCall’s business model.

“All of this requires commitment,” says McKay.

“SO…we’re going to continue to produce 3 unique blogs each day for as long as we can. For the forseeable future, we’re going to continue to generate more unique content, more great blogs, and more sweet webinars.”

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